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Mr June is Marc Wood, the one of our latest recruits to the technical team and lead Simulator Engineer.

Marc Wood Base Performance Simulators

How did you come to work at BPS?

After three years working for a international single seater team, I wanted a new challenge and responsibility. I have always been interested in the computing and simulation area of motorsport as it seems to be an increasingly important tool for teams. I saw an ad in Autosport magazine late last year, and joined the growing team here at the start of February.

What does a typical day at BPS entail for you?

Supporting customers around the world, working with drivers of varying experience, and thinking of new solutions to our problems.  I like exploring anything that can make our lives easier and those of our customers.

What do you think makes BPS different to other companies?

It seems like everyone else has said this before, but the friendly atmosphere.  We work really hard and regularly have to drop what we were planning to do to help a customer, so sometimes the days end up being long, but they’ll always be someone around to make you a cup of coffee and help you out when you need it.  It extends to our customers as well – they’ll always be a team by the coffee machine to catch up with.

What is the best day you’ve had at BPS?

Coming from a single seater racing background, it was actually really interesting to spend a day with one of our LMP2 customer teams. I learnt a lot about how you would engineer a sportscar for an endurance race. Although the theory and physics is the same as what I’m used to, setting a car up for multiple drivers over long distances is quite different.  Getting to talk in depth with the team engineer allowed me to understand what they were facing at the track, and then I could make sure that was what they were going to get out of the simulator.

What do you do when you aren’t at work?

I have to confess, I watch a lot of motorsport even after spending all week doing it.  I’ve just become a property owner for the first time in February, so I’ve spent a lot of time on that recently. Hopefully it will be the start of an empire!

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to your 15 year old self?

Make sure you get experience in the industry as early as possible.  It isn’t just about your qualifications in this game.

Quick fire round

Tea or coffee?


Single-seater or GT?


Favourite track?


Favourite car?

1995 Williams F1 – the car that made me want to work in motorsport.

Favourite workshop radio station?